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Rebuilding After the Derecho

A terrific windstorm called a derecho, blasted through Iowa on August 10th, leaving a path of destruction.  Not that we in Iowa have not experienced windstorms and tornadoes before, but the path of destruction it left was far wider than usual.

Derecho cloud | DeFord Insulation removal service

Iowa Caught in Derecho’s Path of Destruction

Perhaps you or someone you know had some damage to their home, business, or farm buildings. It could be minor to extensive requiring repairs.

The Need to Remove Old Insulation

Having a roof torn off your home, exposing the attic to the elements will negatively impact the insulation in your attic.  While you may think of DeFord Spray Foam & Concrete Lifting as just adding new insulation. We also remove old insulation that has become compromised by the elements. 

Perhaps you rarely have any reason to go into your attic.  Over the years, your insulation is doing a great job of keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  It too can become home to the occasionally rodent, building those rodent condos in the fluffy fiberglass or cellulose insulation.  Unfortunately, those mouse motels do not come with bathrooms and things can build up causing all sorts of other issues: droppings, mold, urine smells, etc.

If the recent storm caused damage to your property where insulation was now exposed to rain and the outdoors, it is time to have it safely removed and replaced with new.

Rebuilding After the Storm

More extensive damage might mean complete replacement, we are certainly sorry for any loss you may have had.  It does also mean you can use this an as opportunity to properly insulate any building you may have to replace. Call us so we can work with your general contractor to provide the best spray foam insulation, blown-in fiberglass or cellulose insulation options for your home, business, or farm buildings.

Call us today at 515-371-0858 or reach out to us 24/7 using our Contact Form

If you live in any of the following communities, we can help:

Cities we serve that may have been impacted

Image NOAA

  • Albion
  • Ames
  • Ankeny
  • Belle Plaine
  • Brooklyn
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Grinnell
  • Homestead
  • LeGrand
  • Madrid
  • Marengo
  • Marshalltown
  • Maxwell
  • Nevada
  • Newton
  • State Center
  • Story City
  • Tama
  • Toledo
  • Van Horne
  • Victor
  • Walford

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Concrete Repair Cedar Falls, IA

Some people aren’t aware that settled or uneven concrete can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of tear out and replacement.

When you have an uneven garage floor, replacing part of the concrete leaves two mismatched panels. The same thing happens when you repair a driveway.

We can level your sidewalk, garage, driveway, or patio and keep it matching the concrete around it so that it lasts for years to come.

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Waverly Iowa Mudjacking failure

The problem with mudjacking is that it doesn’t hold up. It also requires bigger, uglier holes in order to install it.

These pictures show the front sidewalk section of a house in Waverly that had been previously repaired using mudjacking methods. After a few years, the slab dropped back down and the homeowner thought they had no choice but break it all out and replace it. The new concrete would not have matched the rest of the sidewalk and the landfill would have been a little more filled up with perfectly good concrete.

Thankfully, the homeowner found out about foam lifting before it was too late.

We had the concrete repaired and ready to welcome their dinner guests that evening. No more trip hazard to welcome their guests, and no mess from having their concrete broken up and replaced.

Failed Mudjacking in Waverly Iowa

Repaired Slab at Waverly Iowa

Hole Size Comparison

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Concrete Repair for Clarksville Iowa

Clarksville Patio Before

Clarksville Slab During

Clarksvillle Slab After


We had an L-shaped patio that had fallen 2″ along the house breaking the electrical conduit. The sunken slab was draining rain water toward the house.

The tricky part was avoiding lifting against the basement wall while making sure we lifted the slab up enough to correct the drainage problems.

We took our time and everything worked beautifully. The pipes all rejoined perfectly, and the slab came up evenly.

After sealing along the house and patching our drill holes, we had the patio back where it belonged and ready for the graduation party that was scheduled for the following week.


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Sealing the bottom of a Grain Bin

Bins are meant to keep grain dry. If the bottom ring is not properly sealed to the floor, bins don’t keep the water out and the grain doesn’t stay dry.

W’ve been using spray foam to successfully seal the floors of grain bins for years. We have done it on the inside and on the outside. The pictures below show interior work, and this is our preferred

Grain Bin Seal with Spray Foam


Gaps along the floor of a new Grain Bin

Installing Spray Foam around the inside of the new Grain Bin


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Spray Foam Allison Iowa

A newer home in Allison Iowa had fiberglass insulation in the rim joist cavities all around the basement walls.

We removed all the failing fiberglass and installed open cell spray foam while the customer watched and helped. We masked off the carpet and drywall and even moved appliances around to make sure everything was done safely and professionally. We enjoyed getting to know the homeowner and were delighted to have a part in his basement remodel with our spray foam services.

Spray foam is the best insulation for rim joists in homes and businesses.

We usually recommend open cell foam in rim joists but some situations are better served using closed cell foam and we are experienced with both kinds and can help you make the best choice to suit your needs.

Don’t use fiberglass in your rim-joists because fiberglass can cause mold when used in basements. We know, we’ve seen it first hand. Spray foam is the only insulation that is FEMA approved for use in a flood zone and closed cell foam can even be submerged in floodwater without needing replaced. Pretty cool stuff. We like using products that stand up to mother nature and win. We think you do to. Call DeFord Spray Foam at 515-371-0858 to arrange a time to get your basement insulated with spray foam.


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Waverly Concrete Leveling

If you live in Waverly and you need your concrete jacked back where it used to be, then you should call Caleb on his cell at 515-371-0858 so that you can get your sunken slab put back where it belongs.

We are near Waverly-just a short drive away- and we have friends that live there. We would be happy to visit your home or business and give a quote to get your concrete leveled using our top-of-the-line foam lifting equipment.

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Concrete leveling Marshalltown

DeFord Concrete Lifting serves Marshalltown Iowa with the best slabjacking methods available. We use polyjacking, also know as polylevel and foam lifting, methods because they work the best. There’s no debate about that. Mudjacking is the old way people used to level settled concrete, but it’s not a long lasting solution. Mudjacking is a cheap solution that only lasts an average of 5 years before the slab needs lifted again. Polyjacking is a permanent fix and DeFord Concrete Lifting will guarantee our slabjacking for life.

If you are looking for a mudjacking contractor near Marshalltown, then you should talk to DeFord Concrete Lifting and use polyjacking for Marshalltown concrete repair.



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Slabjacking contractor Waterloo

We are the slab jacking contractor you need to level your cracked cement and even out the gaps in your steps.

If you have a stoop that has settled, you can get it evened out with our polyjacking services.

Some people have heard of concrete leveling with mudjacking methods, but before we would offer that option, we asked, “how long does mudjacking last?” and we discovered that it’s only good for 5 years or so. Not only that, but mudjacking shrinks as it dries so some applications are difficult or impossible to level with mudjacking.

We decided to offer polyjacking – foam lifting – polyleveling for our customers because it’s the most controllable, most permanent, least disruptive method for raising sunken slabs.

We really don’t want to install a product that we know is inferior when we could be lifting concrete with polyurethane foam.

That’s why we only install polyurethane foam under concrete to provide a permanent solution to settled cement.

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Iowa Falls Concrete Repair

DeFord Concrete Lifting provides polyjacking for Iowa Falls, IA.

We don’t use mudjacking to raise settled slabs because it’s not a lasting solution.

Raising slabs with Polyurethane Foam has been tested and approved by many state DOT offices and polylevel concrete leveling has proven itself as a strong and lasting solution to settled driveways, sunken sidewalks, sloped patios, uneven steps, dropped stoops, trip hazards, and cracked concrete all over the world.

DeFord Concrete Lifting stands behind our work with a lifetime warranty and we will be here when you need us.

Call Caleb at 515-371-0858 to get a quote for making your concrete level for years to come.


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