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Spray Foam Iowa Falls

DeFord Spray Foam has been serving Iowa Falls for over 8 years. We are the oldest spray foam contractor in the area and we have worked with many of the builders and business in Iowa Falls.

Caleb DeFord of DeFord Spray foam is certified through the SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance) as Master Installer and Project Manager. No other spray foam company around Iowa Falls has achieved that. This is because of the stringent requirements to becoming a Master Installer and Project Manager with the SPFA. There are 4 written exams, 1 field exam, and an experience requirement of 1 million board feet of product installed in both open and closed cell foams.

If you want your spray foam job done right, DeFord Spray Foam is your best bet.

Caleb is also credentialed through the Building Performance Institute as a Building Analyst Professional and an Infiltration & Duct Leakage expert. These are no easy tests, and we’re very proud of the expertise we’ve gained over years of experience with spray foam as well as the superior trade knowledge we’ve gained along the way.

Call Caleb at 515-371-0858 and see for yourself why so many people in Iowa Falls call DeFord Spray Foam for their insulation and coatings needs.

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