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Waverly Iowa Mudjacking failure

The problem with mudjacking is that it doesn’t hold up. It also requires bigger, uglier holes in order to install it.

These pictures show the front sidewalk section of a house in Waverly that had been previously repaired using mudjacking methods. After a few years, the slab dropped back down and the homeowner thought they had no choice but break it all out and replace it. The new concrete would not have matched the rest of the sidewalk and the landfill would have been a little more filled up with perfectly good concrete.

Thankfully, the homeowner found out about foam lifting before it was too late.

We had the concrete repaired and ready to welcome their dinner guests that evening. No more trip hazard to welcome their guests, and no mess from having their concrete broken up and replaced.

Failed Mudjacking in Waverly Iowa

Repaired Slab at Waverly Iowa

Hole Size Comparison

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