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Why Choose Spray Foam?...

We’ve gathered several different research reports, case studies, and 3rd party tests and listed them for you in order to demonstrate the economic and structural advantages of using spray foam versus using traditional insulation products like fiberglass or cellulose.
We would like to show you some real-life, practical examples of how spray foam compares to traditional insulation materials by looking at 5 case studies performed on various construction projects in different climates.
1: Case study on Residential Construction in Atlanta, GA
2: Case Study for Roanoke, VA
3: Case Study for residential construction in Richmond, VA
4: Case Study for Amherst College.pdf
5: Case Study for Texas A&M.pdf

Now you know that spray foam is economically sound, but spray foam offers additional benefits beyond energy savings. What follows shows why spray foam outperforms all other insulation materials and also explains the many additional benefits of spray foam.
According to the US Department of Energy, 40%-50% of the average [ ]

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Spray Foam Facts...

Many people have only recently become aware of spray applied polyurethane foam and there is currently a great deal of misunderstanding concerning its properties and use. Many people don’t realize that there are different kinds of spray foam and many different uses for each of those kinds. The variety of uses possible with polyurethane foams has gained greater awareness among the general public, but mis-conceptions, inaccurate information, and rumors abound.
We would like to expose some of those rumors, explain some of the basic properties of polyurethane foam, and make you aware of some of the fascinating things that polyurethane foams can do for the construction industry.
We will discuss the following types and applications:
1. Closed-cell interior wall foam
2. Open-cell interior wall foam
3. Pour foam
4. Lifting foam
5. Roofing foam
6. Can foam
7. Injected foam
Closed cell foam was developed in the early 1940’s and by definition must have a closed cell content greater than [ ]

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