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Spray Foam

Sealing the bottom of a Grain Bin

Bins are meant to keep grain dry. If the bottom ring is not properly sealed to the floor, bins don’t keep the water out and the grain doesn’t stay dry.
W’ve been using spray foam to successfully seal the floors of grain bins for years. We have done it on the inside and on the outside. The pictures below show interior work, and this is our preferred
Grain Bin Seal with Spray Foam
Gaps along the floor of a new Grain Bin
Installing Spray Foam around the inside of the new Grain Bin

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Spray Foam Allison Iowa

A newer home in Allison Iowa had fiberglass insulation in the rim joist cavities all around the basement walls.
We removed all the failing fiberglass and installed open cell spray foam while the customer watched and helped. We masked off the carpet and drywall and even moved appliances around to make sure everything was done safely and professionally. We enjoyed getting to know the homeowner and were delighted to have a part in his basement remodel with our spray foam services.
Spray foam is the best insulation for rim joists in homes and businesses.
We usually recommend open cell foam in rim joists but some situations are better served using closed cell foam and we are experienced with both kinds and can help you make the best choice to suit your needs.
Don’t use fiberglass in your rim-joists because fiberglass can cause mold when used in basements. We know, we’ve seen it first hand. [ ]

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Spray Foam Iowa Falls

DeFord Spray Foam has been serving Iowa Falls for over 8 years. We are the oldest spray foam contractor in the area and we have worked with many of the builders and business in Iowa Falls.
Caleb DeFord of DeFord Spray foam is certified through the SPFA (Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance) as Master Installer and Project Manager. No other spray foam company around Iowa Falls has achieved that. This is because of the stringent requirements to becoming a Master Installer and Project Manager with the SPFA. There are 4 written exams, 1 field exam, and an experience requirement of 1 million board feet of product installed in both open and closed cell foams.
If you want your spray foam job done right, DeFord Spray Foam is your best bet.
Caleb is also credentialed through the Building Performance Institute as a Building Analyst Professional and an Infiltration & Duct Leakage expert. These are no easy [ ]

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Barn Spray Foam in Eldora Iowa

Recently we helped turn an old hay mow into a conditioned play area using open cell foam and closed cell foam together.
The customer had a set budget to work with that didn’t allow for any extras. We worked out a deal that stayed within their budget while still giving them the conditioned space they wanted.
The gravel roads were so bad getting there, that we had to time our travel times around the coldest parts of the day so that we could get our spray rig in and out of the jobsite without getting stuck or making a mess in the customer’s drive way.
Everything went well and their barn’s hay mow is ready for action all year long.
Spray Foam is the best way to insulate a barn or shed. We’ve got lot’s of references to give you if you don’t believe us. 🙂
Spray Foam Barn Eldora Iowa

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Why Choose Spray Foam?

We’ve gathered several different research reports, case studies, and 3rd party tests and listed them for you in order to demonstrate the economic and structural advantages of using spray foam versus using traditional insulation products like fiberglass or cellulose.
We would like to show you some real-life, practical examples of how spray foam compares to traditional insulation materials by looking at 5 case studies performed on various construction projects in different climates.
1: Case study on Residential Construction in Atlanta, GA
2: Case Study for Roanoke, VA
3: Case Study for residential construction in Richmond, VA
4: Case Study for Amherst College.pdf
5: Case Study for Texas A&M.pdf

Now you know that spray foam is economically sound, but spray foam offers additional benefits beyond energy savings. What follows shows why spray foam outperforms all other insulation materials and also explains the many additional benefits of spray foam.
According to the US Department of Energy, 40%-50% of the average [ ]

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Spray Foam Facts

Many people have only recently become aware of spray applied polyurethane foam and there is currently a great deal of misunderstanding concerning its properties and use. Many people don’t realize that there are different kinds of spray foam and many different uses for each of those kinds. The variety of uses possible with polyurethane foams has gained greater awareness among the general public, but mis-conceptions, inaccurate information, and rumors abound.
We would like to expose some of those rumors, explain some of the basic properties of polyurethane foam, and make you aware of some of the fascinating things that polyurethane foams can do for the construction industry.
We will discuss the following types and applications:
1. Closed-cell interior wall foam
2. Open-cell interior wall foam
3. Pour foam
4. Lifting foam
5. Roofing foam
6. Can foam
7. Injected foam
Closed cell foam was developed in the early 1940’s and by definition must have a closed cell content greater than [ ]

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