Rebuilding After the Derecho

A terrific windstorm called a derecho, blasted through Iowa on August 10th, leaving a path of destruction.  Not that we in Iowa have not experienced windstorms and tornadoes before, but the path of destruction it left was far wider than usual. Iowa Caught in Derecho’s Path of Destruction Perhaps you or someone you know had […]

Sealing the bottom of a Grain Bin

Bins are meant to keep grain dry. If the bottom ring is not properly sealed to the floor, bins don’t keep the water out and the grain doesn’t stay dry. We’ve been using spray foam to successfully seal the floors of grain bins for years. We have done it on the inside and on the […]

Spray Foam Allison Iowa

A newer home in Allison Iowa had fiberglass insulation in the rim joist cavities all around the basement walls. We removed all the failing fiberglass and installed open cell spray foam while the customer watched and helped. We masked off the carpet and drywall and even moved appliances around to make sure everything was done […]

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