Durable, aesthetically pleasing surfaces around swimming pools

Pool & Deck Concrete

This specialized area of concrete work focuses on safety, functionality, and style. For pool decks, the concrete is often treated with textures or coatings to ensure it is slip-resistant and can withstand constant exposure to water and chemicals.

The design of the concrete work can range from simple, brushed finishes to elaborate patterns created through stamping or staining. It’s essential for the concrete to be properly sealed to protect against the elements and pool chemicals.

Additionally, the concrete should be able to accommodate the pool coping, which is the material above the tile line that covers the top of the pool. This comprehensive approach ensures a long-lasting, safe, and enjoyable poolside experience.

What does this service cost?

That depends on which company quotes the work, but concrete repair costs from $400 up for polyjacking, and usually a little less for mud.

If you want to know for sure how much it costs to repair concrete steps, or driveway leveling, or repair garage floors, or level a basement floor, or whatever, you should let us know. We can assess your unique situation and make an honest recommendation for the best way to meet your needs even if it is not a service we provide.

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