Slab Jacking Contractor Waterloo

We are the slab jacking contractor you need to level your cracked cement and even out the gaps in your steps.

If you have a stoop that has settled, you can get it evened out with our polyjacking services.

Some people have heard of concrete leveling with mudjacking methods, but before we would offer that option, we asked, “how long does mudjacking last?” and we discovered that it’s only good for 5 years or so. Not only that, but mudjacking shrinks as it dries so some applications are difficult or impossible to level with mudjacking.

We decided to offer polyjacking – foam lifting – polyleveling for our customers because it’s the most controllable, most permanent, least disruptive method for raising sunken slabs.

We really don’t want to install a product that we know is inferior when we could be lifting concrete with polyurethane foam.

That’s why we only install polyurethane foam under concrete to provide a permanent solution to settled cement.


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