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Spray Foam Allison Iowa

A newer home in Allison Iowa had fiberglass insulation in the rim joist cavities all around the basement walls.

We removed all the failing fiberglass and installed open cell spray foam while the customer watched and helped. We masked off the carpet and drywall and even moved appliances around to make sure everything was done safely and professionally. We enjoyed getting to know the homeowner and were delighted to have a part in his basement remodel with our spray foam services.

Spray foam is the best insulation for rim joists in homes and businesses.

We usually recommend open cell foam in rim joists but some situations are better served using closed cell foam and we are experienced with both kinds and can help you make the best choice to suit your needs.

Don’t use fiberglass in your rim-joists because fiberglass can cause mold when used in basements. We know, we’ve seen it first hand. Spray foam is the only insulation that is FEMA approved for use in a flood zone and closed cell foam can even be submerged in floodwater without needing replaced. Pretty cool stuff. We like using products that stand up to mother nature and win. We think you do to. Call DeFord Spray Foam at 515-371-0858 to arrange a time to get your basement insulated with spray foam.


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