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Spray Foam Insulation Solutions

Spray foam insulation is the most versatile insulation product on the planet. Even though spray foam insulation has been used in construction since the 1960’s, it took until the 1990’s before the spray foam insulation began to really start gaining market share in the construction industry. Spray foam insulation has gained a reputation as the toughest, most efficient, most cost-effective insulation available, especially for specialty applications.

Spray foam insulation is a spray-in-place, adhesive, expandable, tough, water resistant, and air-tight cellular plastic insulation. People are constantly finding creative ways to solve structural problems using versatile, affordable spray foam.

For instance, closed cell spray foam is used to lift railroads, fill underwater flotation chambers, strengthen structural supports, or even to set parking lot signs. Spray Foam can also provide a roofing material for commercial buildings, and of course, spray foam insulation provides the best R-value money can buy.

DeFord Spray Foam & Coatings strives to meet your spray foam insulation needs no matter how common or unique they might be, but most of our customers’ projects are among the following spray foam and coatings applications shown below.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Can spray foam make your house too tight?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is becoming a bigger concern to many with some people thinking you can make a house too tight with spray foam insulation. That is true if you do not have a professionally designed heating and cooling system. The right HVAC system with balanced fresh air exchanges is only part of the solution. Without making your home or business airtight, you cannot seal out the air pollutants and allergens to provide fresh, clean, dry air for your family and employees. We go to great lengths with our Air Sealing and Detailing Work because we have experienced drafty buildings in Iowa winters and from allergies during hay fever season. We take pride as building insulators in making sure your floors, walls, and attics are sealed and secure to make your building comfortable and healthy.


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