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Spray Foam Services

Spray foam is the most versatile insulation product on the planet. Even though spray foam has been on the construction scene since the 1960’s, it took until the 1990’s before the spray foam began to really start gaining market share in the construction industry. Spray foam has gained a reputation as the toughest, most efficient, most cost-effective insulation available, especially for specialty applications.

Spray foam is a spray-in-place, adhesive, expandable, tough, water resistant, and air-tight cellular plastic insulation; and people are constantly finding creative ways to solve structural problems using spray foam.

For instance, closed cell spray foam is used to lift railroads, fill underwater flotation chambers, strengthen structural supports, or even to set parking lot signs. Spray Foam can also provide a roofing material for commercial buildings, and of course, spray foam provides the best insulation money can buy.

DeFord Spray Foam & Coatings strives to meet your spray foam needs no matter how unique or common they might be, but most of our customers’ projects are among the following spray foam and coatings applications:

Commercial Construction

If you’re a construction contractor, you don’t want to be behind the times when it comes to current insulation practices. You also don’t want a subcontractor who does inferior work and causes you and your customer unnecessary problems.

When it comes to spray foam, a poorly trained installer can do a lot of damage both to your reputation, and to the structure itself. These are some of the things that can result from a bad spray foam application: overspray, shrinkage, lingering odors, under-depth application, air-pockets, and in some cases, warped framing.

DeFord Spray Foam & Coatings has been in the business for several years and we know how to do the job right the first time. We’re not claiming that we’ve never had problems (because we have) but you can depend on DeFord Spray Foam & Coatings to be there for you to professionally deal with any problems resulting from our work. We are fully insured, we are members of the Better Business Bureau of Iowa, and we will take care of our customers no matter what.

We have experience with a wide variety of construction projects and we would like to become part of your construction team.

Just give Caleb a call at 515-371-0858.

Ag Buildings

DeFord Spray Foam & Coatings serves the agriculture industry by providing:

  • Pole-barn insulation
  • Grain-bin insulation
  • Grain-bin moisture sealing (Interior and Exterior)
  • Stock tank insulation
  • Livestock building insulation (Interior and Exterior)
  • Fat-storage tank insulation
  • Foam Roofing
  • Well-pit insulation, etc.
Spray foam is a perfect fit for farming operations because it sticks to virtually any clean substrate and stays put for life. It’s stick-anywhere insulation and the agriculture industry is constantly finding new and challenging ways to take advantage of this great product.

Call Caleb DeFord at 515-371-0858 to find out how we can help make your farm a more effiecient and successful operation.

Residential Construction

You’re finally building that dream home you’ve been planning for years and this is your one chance to get it right. Don’t put insulation in your wall that settles over time and takes on moisture. Do what smart people do, choose spray foam!

If you’re not sure spray foam is a smart idea, you owe it to your family to check out the facts and find out for yourself why so many new homes are built with spray foam. Just look at all the advantages:

  • Stronger, more durable walls
  • Better air-quality
  • Energy savings of 20-50% over fiberglass
  • A quieter, more comfortable home
  • Seamless air-barrier and insulation in one
  • Fewer bugs
  • Consistent long-term performance
  • Time-tested and Field-proven
Spray foam has been on the construction scene since the 60’s and it has been well documented and tested to perform well in the real world. Other insulation systems might look good on paper, but once they begin the challenge of fighting our Midwest environment, they perform far worse than the lab tests predict. Oak Ridge National Laboratory tested a real-world wall system in 1992 and they found that conventionally installed fiberglass insulation delivers R-values that are 28% below the manufacturer specifications. Properly installed, spray foam performs as well in the real world as it does in the laboratory because it expands to fit, air seals, and stays in place for life.

When it comes to building your dream home, you don’t want to buy cheap insulation now and regret it for the rest of your life. Choose DeFord Spray Foam & Coatings and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve done the right thing for your home and for your family.

Just give us a call us at 515-371-0858 and we will help you build your new home the way you've always dreamed it should be.


Can spray foam make your house too tight?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is becoming a bigger concern to many people, but some people think you can make a house too tight with spray foam. That's true if you don't have a properly designed heating and cooling system but the right HVAC system is only part of the solution. Without making your home or building air tight, you can't seal out the air pollutants and allergens and provide fresh, clean, dry air for your family and your employees. We go to great lengths with our Air Sealing and Detailing Work because we've suffered from drafty buildings in Iowa winters and bad allergies during hay season. We take pride as building insulators in making sure your floors, walls, and attics are sealed and secure to make your building comfortable and healthy.
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