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Types of Spray Foam Insulation

Closed Cell Foam

Closed cell foam insulation ranges from 1.7 pounds per cubic foot to 10 pounds per cubic foot and is durable enough to walk on. It is a tough, adhesive foam insulation that uses non-ozone depleting refrigerant gas as its insulating medium. This property allows closed cell foam insulation to obtain R-values up to 7 per inch, which is the highest of any insulation in the construction industry.

Closed cell foam insulation provides a seamless air-barrier at just 1 inch, a class II vapor barrier at 1.5 inches, and it tenaciously adheres to any clean substrate. It can even make a wall 2 to 3 times stronger. These properties make closed cell foam insulation the most versatile insulation product in the construction industry. Closed cell foam insulation works well interior or exterior, and it’s the only insulation material that continues to perform during and after being submerged under water.

Open Cell Foam

Open cell foam insulation is a light-weight foam weighing only ½ pound per cubic foot. By comparison, it would be somewhat like dry angel food cake. Open cell foam insulation is filled throughout with small bubbles of air and tops out with an R-value of 3.9 per inch after the first inch.

Open cell foam insulation provides a seamless air-barrier at 3.5 inches and never settles. Open cell foam insulation has a lower cost than closed cell foam insulation and provides comparable thermal efficiency in many indoor applications.

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